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Square will be in LA Times

Twitter founder's new venture is shaping up

Jack Dorsey's new start-up, Square, will allow anyone with a cellphone or iPod to accept credit card payments, even from a friend who owes you for dinner.

Twitter founder

Jack Dorsey, who has developed a way for anyone to accept credit card payments using their cellphones, records a video before he throws out the first pitch at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game in September. (Chris Lee / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / September 18, 2009)

Twitter was just the beginning. After dreaming up the innovative social-networking medium, Jack Dorsey is looking to revolutionize another core aspect of society: money.

Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, has announced that his new start-up, Square, has developed a way for anyone with a cellphone or iPod to become a merchant and accept credit card payments.

Square is a small plastic device that plugs into a gadget's headphone jack. Buyers swipe their credit cards through the device, which then transmits the payment data to an application running on a connected iPhone or iPod Touch. (Android and Blackberry apps are in development, and computer software will be available later.)

A select few cafes and small vendors are among Square's first beta testers. Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea in Venice will be one of the first in Southern California, starting as early as next week.

Dorsey wants everyone to begin using Square early next year.

"I think we're going to give the Squares away for free because they're pretty cheap for us to make," he said in a telephone interview from San Francisco this week. But in an e-mail later, he said Square "may charge $1 for the app."

Once the company begins producing the hardware, people will be able to sign up for an account, enter a shipping address on the site and receive a device in the mail. Like PayPal, profiles are tied to a bank account.

Dorsey envisions the service replacing virtually every cash transaction. Let's say a friend owes you $30 for dinner last week, but there's no ATM in sight. Grab the Square device from your key chain, plug it into your phone and tell him to pay up.

Then there's the untapped market on Craigslist. The free and ubiquitous classified ad website "is doing more transactions than EBay today and has no inherent payment mechanism," Dorsey said. "It's a huge market for us."

The payment system is secure, Dorsey said. Transactional data is safely encrypted, and the credit card information is never stored on the device, only passed along, he said. Signatures are drawn with a finger on the touch screen.

Buyers with a Square profile can set their photos to display on the vendor's screen to thwart identity thieves or daughters with a penchant for "borrowing" plastic. (It won't stop your twin from charging things to your card, though.)

Even the e-mail address and phone number a customer is asked to enter during the sale is invisible to the seller. It's only used to transmit the digital receipt, which can include a logo and links to the retailer's website or Twitter page.

What's the catch? Well, Dorsey has a hidden agenda, albeit one shared by many: He's sick of cash.

"I, for one, hate getting change," Dorsey said. "I just can't stand it."

The current credit card system isn't without its faults, either.

"I get so annoyed when people give me a paper receipt for something that was like $5," he said. "There's nothing that I would do with that receipt."

App marketing

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Poker Box

Poker Box is an iPhone app which recreates the feeling of playing video poker as on the poker machines.

The app implements a customized "Jacks and Better" rules, the difference is that there is an increased bonus for the four Aces hand.

When wining a hand you will be able to bet the points won on one of the colors (red or black) if you gues the color of the next card.

You will be able to save the coins or part of them if you don't want to bet them all.

The user can change the background image of the app to match their preferences, turn sounds on/off or check out the highest scores achieved.

The coins will be saved when closing the app and if you want to appear in the highest score you need to save the score, but this will reset your game after saving .You can also reset the background image if you need to.

Have fun playing and please feel free to make any constructive suggestion.

What's new


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Septica Game

Septica is one of the most popular card games in Romania.


* the deck contains 32 cards : eight figures 7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A each figures having all the for suits (heart,diamond,club,spades)

* every player gets 4 cards after the deck is shuttled

* each player needs to put a card from his hand on table when it is his turn

* a hand is implicitly won by the first player

* if the second player card put on table is a 7 or any card with the same value as the initial card on table he will win the hand

* the first player can continue the game if he can put another card which is either 7 or has the same value as the initial card on table

* when the player who started the hand can't continue anymore or does not want to the cards will be removed from the table and added to the winner

* after the table is cleared again each player must take cards from the deck (if there are any) until they reach 4 cards in hand

* the cards 10 and A are considered points in this game (totally 8 points) and the

* wines is the player with the most points at the end of the game

* if one player wins all the hands it is considered a double game

* the player who wins the game will begin first on the next game

Using the buttons on the info screen you can see a small statistic about the number of games won and the ones lost against the AI.

Even though it may be harder to beat in the beginning ,the AI does not cheat at all .The AI does not have access the your cards it just makes some statistical calculation to see which card has a better chance of winning the hand.

Any constructive comments are appreciated.

What's new

This is my first update and it has a few features requested by those who tested the app:
- improved AI
- changed default background image
- automatically start new game when game is over


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Square mobile payments system

The Square iPhone-based mobile payments system has now officially launched. Currently based around the iPhone and iPod touch – though with support for other mobile devices promised – the Square system attempts to bring cashless payment to the masses, using a compact card reader dongle that plugs into a standard 3.5mm headphone socket and electronic receipts.

Square 2

According to Square CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey (who also co-founded Twitter), the system will be useful not only to merchants – who could potentially save large amounts compared to buying current-generation dedicated wireless credit card readers – but the general public. He points to a Craigslist transaction, which might involve a reasonably large quantity of money – i.e. larger than you’d feel comfortable carrying in cash – but which could be completed electronically if the seller had a Square account and adapter.

None of the transaction details are actually stored on the iPhone itself, it’s just used as a wireless conduit to Square’s servers, and accounts are linked with a regular bank account similar to PayPal. Users can register and upload a photo of themselves, for visual ID checks, and Square are working on reducing processing time; right now it takes a few days, but they’re hoping to have the whole transaction done in minutes.