joi, 3 decembrie 2009

Poker Box

Poker Box is an iPhone app which recreates the feeling of playing video poker as on the poker machines.

The app implements a customized "Jacks and Better" rules, the difference is that there is an increased bonus for the four Aces hand.

When wining a hand you will be able to bet the points won on one of the colors (red or black) if you gues the color of the next card.

You will be able to save the coins or part of them if you don't want to bet them all.

The user can change the background image of the app to match their preferences, turn sounds on/off or check out the highest scores achieved.

The coins will be saved when closing the app and if you want to appear in the highest score you need to save the score, but this will reset your game after saving .You can also reset the background image if you need to.

Have fun playing and please feel free to make any constructive suggestion.

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