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Developing a Strong App Brand

Not many developers realize that developing strong app branding techniques would help firmly establish their portfolio.

Limitations of the Developer

  • Of course, mobile app branding is not exactly all that simple. For a start, the small display screen size on a mobile device is probably the biggest limiting factor as far as app branding is concerned.

  • The second important factor is that app stores themselves do not do full justice to promoting all of a developer’s content online on the mobile device. This makes it even more difficult for the developer to feature all of his or her apps.

  • The above limitations notwithstanding, there is still a lot of scope for the developer to create strong branding for his or her mobile app. This article brings you ways in which you can go ahead and develop strong branding for your mobile app.

    Naming Your App

    Properly naming your app goes a long way in establishing the app in the minds of the users, also mentally listing the rest of the developer’s app portfolio. The more relevant your app name is to the function of your app, the better your app will fare in the marketplace.
    Of course, it may not always be possible for you to follow this technique. In case the app name of your choice is already taken, you could probably use a combination of two words as a single word, with each one being capitalized. A good example of this is PlainText, which is a popular dropbox text editor for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    Giving Your App an Icon

    Your app icon too helps users uniquely relate with your app. This aspect of app branding takes a lot of work and creativity. But once you manage to arrive at the best icon for your mobile app, that itself will push your app up in the marketplace rankings and among users.
    The easiest way to figure out the right kind of icon for your app is to try relating your icon to some important feature of your app. For instance, you could try and match the color scheme of your icon to those that you mainly use in your app. If you are developing a mobile social gaming app, try and incorporate a particular gaming character as your main icon character too.
    Thus, using subtle or direct references to your app in your icon can be of immense help for you to develop a stronger app brand.

    User Interface

    Try and create a user interface for your app that will reveal your app’s general “personality” and “voice”. Maintain this quality throughout your app’s user interface. Doing this will totally engage the user in the experience during the time he or she is using your app.
    Make sure that the app’s interface, colors, themes, sounds, designs and all other aspects are in line with the general feel of the app.

    Help and Support

    This is one aspect that should never be missed. Make sure to include a help, about or support section wherever applicable in your app. While you can incorporate the help section into the app interface, the support or about section can be put in the settings tab.
    Including a complete and comprehensive help section ensures that your user is inclined to use your app more frequently.


    Following the above-mentioned steps will help you build a strong app portfolio and establish you as a reputed developer, thereby creating strong branding for your mobile app.

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