marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

Michel Ancel

Design reasoning

Ancel aims for a high degree of freedom in his games. He is critical of games that claim to offer freedom, but present limits or invisible boundaries where players do not expect them.
In designing Peter Jackson's King Kong, Ancel chose not to show any overlay information to increase the player's immersion in the game world, a design choice also seen in games such as Ico or Another World. For instance, low health is conveyed not with a meter but through blurred vision and the sound of heavy breathing.

Ancel points for a high level of opportunity in his recreations. He is reproachful of amusements that claim to offer flexibility, however show limits or imperceptible borders where players don't expect them.

In planning Peter Jackson's King Kong, Ancel picked not to show any overlay data to build the player's drenching in the amusement planet, an outline decision likewise seen in recreations, for example Ico or Another World. Case in point, low health is passed on not with a meter however through obscured vision and the sound of overwhelming relaxing.

Ancel rejects the frequently held conviction that recreations of French beginning are more unique, guaranteeing the issue lies not in the improvement transform, yet in danger averseness at US distributers.

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